13 December, 2010


Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay finally came into the library for me the other week! Unfortunately I had a few other things that needed to be read first but I finally got to it on the weekend.

I approached with caution as I have heard mixed reviews. Some said it was the best book of the series, others the worse. Some seemed to be disappointed in the end.

Me? I loved it. Equal with Hunger Games, better than Catching Fire. I found Mockingjay meatier.

For me Collins didn't sugar coat things as much as some YA authors. Katniss did find her history of killing hard to accept, she was manipulated by the good guys, just like she was by the Capitol in Hunger Games. Life is more complicated than right or wrong.

The end was a little twee, a little too perfect, but in the end it is YA fiction and for me the ending was still a good way to finish. In the end I have really enjoyed this series and would recommend it to young adults at work who were looking for something to read. In fact, I think my nephew would really enjoy it - must email my sister!