24 December, 2010

Australian Picture Book Authors and Illustrators Review 2011

Australia has such a wealth of talent when it comes to children's picture book authors and illustrators. I plan to celebrate this in 2011 by concentrating on one author and/ or illustrator a month. I'll look at a all or a selection of their picture books and explore why myself and my kids love these books so much. Here are the authors and illustrators I plan to explore and the month I intend to concentrate on. 

January  - Graeme Base                                      July - Margaret Wild

February - Jeannie Baker                                    August - Bob Graham

March - Alison Lester                                         September - Julie Vivas

April - Mem Fox                                                  October - Pamela Allen

May - Jackie French                                            November - Patricia Mullins

June - Shaun Tan                                                 December - Bruce Whatley

Each month I will post a list of the books I plan to look at. I will then either review them one by one or over a few posts. Not sure yet! This list is also available as a separate page from my blog header that will be updated regularly as well.