11 January, 2011

The Well of Ascension

Title: The Well of Ascension
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Series: Mistborn: Book 2
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Kindle

Synopsis: The Lord Ruler has been defeat and now his empire needs to be rebuilt. The crew gather to support the new king, Elend. However there is still much to be done. The newly formed assembly spends more time arguing than making decisions, there are three hostile armies on the doorstep of the capital, Luthadel, and the mists are behaving strangly. Vin, the Mistborn struggles to keep the king and her love Elend safe and find the Well of Ascension in the hope it will help them save Luthadel.

What I thought: I've said more than once that I have found the first book in the Mistborn series, The Final Empire to be the best written fantasy fiction I have read in a long time. I'm pleased to say that The Well of Ascension did not disappoint. Sanderson's characters are believable, flawed without being painful. The situation the Empire finds itself in after the destruction of the Lord Ruler believable, the removal of him did not immediately solve all problems and make everyone happy and willing to support the new regime. There is a story within a story with these books as the reader gets to uncover not only the path of the new leaders, but the events that lead to the Lord Rulers reign. Book three is waiting just around the corner for me and I am looking forward to it with great anticipation!

Recommended for: those who have been disappoint with fantasy fiction recently and are looking for something to restore their faith.

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