21 January, 2011

Australian Picture Book Authors and Illustrators: Graeme Base -Animalia

Title: Animalia
Published: 1986
Awards: None

An alphabet book with a difference! Graeme Base’s second book is a feast for your eyes and your brain. On the title page, there is a poem which says:

Each page is a gorgeously detailed illustration where you can hunt not only for the little boy, but for as many things starting with that letter. The text is alliteration with some really fantastic sentences coming out.

Craft Crimson Cats carefully catching Crusty Crayfish.

Ingenious Iguanas improvising an intricate impromptu on impossibly impractical instruments.

Lazy Lions lounging in the local library.
Proud Peacocks preening perfect plumage.

Animalia was Base’s first big break. The book captured the imagination of readers and the detailed illustrations made it a delight to share. It’s a book that works for a variety of age groups – from those who love a good read aloud, to the older kids who love to scour the pages looking for as many things as possible. It also marked the beginning of providing hidden messages and pictures which occurs in many of his books.

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