19 January, 2011

Library Loot

Library Loot is co-hosted by Claire at The Captive Reader and Marg at The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader.  This week it's hosted by Claire at The Captive Reader so pop over and see who else is participating.

Now I'm not sure if Library Loot is meant to record just your book borrowings or whether it can include anything you borrow from the library. You can borrow DVD's, CD's, Magazines - all sorts of stuff from ours. So I am including it all!

First up, the non book items.

Deadliest Catch Season 3 - Discs 3&4

We love this series in this house! These men are crazy!! It's currently in it's 6th season but we are working our way through them after only patchy viewing on free to air TV.
Rolling Stone Magazine (Australian Edition) February 2010

This is not the copy that I have borrowed, but the woman on the front is the reason I borrowed it. I love P!nk. In fact it's a little more than love, I will happily admit to having a total girl crush on the woman!

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Another strong female artist. I'm glad this came in today, I was starting to think I would have to buy it! Chances are I will anyway. I would much rather my kids listen to artists like Pink and Perry than Britney Spears or her ilk.

Now for the books I've borrowed! All of these I discovered while shelf checking. Seriously, my job is dangerous!

Teen Ink: Written in the Dirt

Teen Ink is a magazine that teens can send in their writing, art work, poetry etc to be published. This is their sixth book and is a collection of short stories, poetry, art and photography.

War Is...Soldiers, Survivors and Storytellers talk about war.

I found this on the junior non fiction shelf. It scares me that so many of young people do not know the story of some of the most tragic times in our history. If we don't tell them, how will they stop it happening again??

Ascension by Steven Galloway

This was sitting on the shelf right next to The Cellist of Sarajevo, also written by Galloway. I enjoyed it so much, I had to borrow this.

So what did you bring home this week? Leave me a link, I'd love to know!

Library loot this week: 6                 Year to date -  Fiction - 6
                                                                                Non Fiction - 3
                                                                                Non Book - 3
                                                                                Total - 12