19 January, 2011

Loving Richard Feynman

Title: Loving Richard Feynman
Author: Penny Tangey
Series: None
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Young Adult
Format: Book (Library)

Synopsis: Catherine is 15, a science and maths geek and writes letters to Richard Feynman. Richard Feynman was a Nobel Prize winning physicist who helped create the first nuclear bomb. Throughout the year, Catherine pours her heart out to her idol, in the process learning a little bit about human nature and her own life.

What I thought: Loving Richard Feynman was short listed for the 2010 Children's Book Council of Australia Awards in the Older Readers Category. The series of letters written by Catherine give you an insight into what it's like to be intelligent and an outsider . Catherine herself however, can be very judgmental and harsh on her peers. I liked the book, but at times Catherine's voice was incredibly annoying. So quickly to pick up on when she felt she was being judged, she seemed to have very little empathy for those around her at times. But then again, 15 is a pretty ego centric age! It was interesting to watch Catherine's relationship with Feynman develop as she placed him on a pedestal, only to discover he was indeed only human.

Recommended for: those who enjoy a bit of a science lesson with their fiction!

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