01 January, 2011

Australian Picture Book Authors and Illustrators - Graeme Base

Welcome to my first Australian Picture Book Authors and Illustrators post. To find out more about this, click here. 

Graeme Base
image from: http://www.wfc2011.org/guests/Base_Graeme.html

Graeme Base is most probably one of Australia's foremost and best known author/ illustrators. His illustrations are known for incredible intricate details and often have a riddle or something to search for. Hours can be spent with his books!

 I'll be looking at the following picture books in January.

My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch (1983)
Animalia (1986)
The Eleventh Hour (1989)
The Sign of the Seahorse (1992)
The Discovery of Dragons (1996)
The Worst Band In The Universe (1999)
The Water Hole (2001)
Jungle Drums (2004)
Uno's Garden (2006)
Enigma (2008)
The Legend of the Golden Snail (2010)