11 June, 2015

May In Review

May has been a good month. I managed to lay my hands on and read 8 of the Children's Book Council short listed older and younger reader books. Better still, as I sit here, I have another two I've just picked up from the library which means there are only 2 outstanding. Hopefully by the end of June I will have read them all.

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Melbourne late in the month which allowed me to chew through a book a day. I was down there for my son to compete in the Australian National Gymnastics Championship as a trampolinist and I'm very proud to say he walked away with a 7th in double mini tramp and a 2nd in trampoline in his age group. I've uploaded the video below if you are interested. Routine actually starts at about 42 secs.

So I suppose I should get onto the book part of my month! Stats:

Kindle - 1                                     Library - 9
Book - 9                                       Own -3
Audio - 2                                      Borrowed (non library) - 0
Fiction - 12                               
Non-fiction - 0

Female Author - 7                        New to Me Authors - 8
Male Author - 5
Australian Author - 10

Definitely made up for the lack of Australian authors this month, funny that, given I've been reading short listed books!

My pick for this month definitely Girl on A Train - fantastic, suspenseful stuff. My biggest disappointment would have been Amnesia. Just realised they are both audios. The narrators were great on both these books and in fact Colin Friels may be the sole reason I finished Amnesia.

There's no book group book in this lot. I have two weeks to read Susan Duncan's Salvation Creek. It will be a reread for me and I'm looking forward to it.
No audio book on the go at the moment either as I am listening to a dramatised podcast called Serial that a couple of friends put me onto. It is good! If you like audio books, I suggest you give it a go. Download the first episode and I guarantee you'll be hooked. I've only got one episode to go and I will be reviewing it when I've finished.

How was your May?