10 June, 2010

The Winding Ways Quilt

The Winding Ways Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini.

This is the 12th book in the Elm Creek Quilts Series.

With this we are back on track. New staff have been employed and this summer marks the last season for two of the founding members of the Elm Creek Quilts. The books chapters deals with each founding member separately, telling the story of how they became a quilter and the effect the breaking of their circle is having on them.

I liked this. Chiaverini has taken this approach before - examining each character separately and weaving their individual story into the whole. It gives you a chance to catch up with each character and discover a little more of their personal histories. By delving into the characters back story, I find Chiaverini avoids the idea that there is one drama after another at the quilt camp, a problem I find with many serialised books and TV shows. (Just how many murders can you have in Midsommer??) The dramas the camp itself faces are believable as well - staff not turning up, staff leaving.

I only have 4 more books left in this series to read and am torn between having a Elm Creek Quilt fest, or drawing it out a bit! I may have to draw it out, especially once I talk to my husband! Watch out for my next post to see what I mean!