10 June, 2010

Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin by Nick Earls

The 5th book in my Nick Earls retrospective. Perfect Skin revisits Jon Marshall, who we first met in Bachelor Kisses. Jon is older, partner in a laser surgery practise and has a 6 month baby. No mother of the baby is apparent, although you know there must be one and you do eventually find out about her.

Perfect Skin contains one of my favourite Nick Earls moments. It involves a toilet and a cat. Personally, I find the whole episode hilarious, but I won't spoil it for anyone here!

Once again Earls shines a spotlight on a specific time in someone's life, takes events that are quite challenging and make it entertaining. I continue to see his style develop. The further I go into his books, the more serious he becomes, yet he remains incredibly readable and enjoyable.