10 June, 2010

How many is too many?


Is that really such a big number?? It's the number of books currently on my "to read" shelf. It's not the total number of books I want to read, just those I actually have in my physical possession.  
Some I own, some have been borrowed from friends, some have be borrowed from the library.

Some have been there mere hours, some for years.

I plan to read all of them...eventually.

When I told my husband the number this afternoon. His eyebrows raised and he said "hmmmmm." Which was followed a little later by "Maybe you should stop until you get it down to ten."

My heart skipped a beat. I mean, he may be partly right, we are trying to watch the money a little closer at the moment, maybe I could stop order of Book Depository for a bit, but surely I could keep borrowing from the library. He shook his head.

The one concession is I can still order Book Group books.  I'm going to see if I can make the last four of my Elm Creek books, my library concession.

So, how many are on your to read shelf? Do you think you could stop accumulating? Do you think I should? 

UPDATE: I'm in real trouble! My husband, being the techie geek he is has actually rerouted BD's web address on my computer so it loads to his business home page! HELP!! Think I may take a friend's advice. Her comment on my Facebook page reads:

So, that means no housework/school run/cooking dinner etc until you're at the magic number... right?