15 June, 2010

Teachers Who Change Lives.

Teachers Who Change Lives by Andrew Metcalfe and Ann Game

I saw this at the library one day and as a teacher, just had to pick it up. It has interviews with many well known Australians such as Stephanie Alexander, Drusilla Modjeska, Greg Chappell, Shane GouldMichael Kirby and Julie McCrossin about teachers who touched their lives and what it was about them that have made them so memorable. It also interviews practising teachers about what they do to inspire and encourage their students.

While I found the book interesting, by the end I found it a bit repetitive. Good teachers are the ones who inspire their students with passion, who provide a safe and supportive environment to take risks in and encourage their charges to pursue those things that interest them the most. It was worth reading if for no other reason it reminded me of good teaching practise and reaffirms that what I do in a classroom counts.