15 June, 2010


Scission by Tim Winton

This is Tim Winton's first collection of short stories and made for a very easy read. Stories range from a young girl who discovers a hidden cache of eggs, the changing relationship between neighbours, a couples honeymoon that doesn't live up to expectations and plans to get ahead that don't work out.

As I have said before, I love Tim Winton, but I am sure I miss half of the symbolism in his writing. I find his writing almost lyrical and his imagery so clear.

A cow bassooned softly. Egg lay on his back. The sky pressed down and it made him think that is someone knocked the chocks from the right corners, the whole lot would crash down and the world would be as it must once have been, with no margin between earth and space, no room for light or dark, plant or animal, no people. (Lantern Stalk p. 46)
 It just sings to me. Once again, with my ban on new books until I work through some existing,  I'm not sure when I will get to Winton again. I will miss him.