25 February, 2010

Round Robin

Round Robin by Jennifer Chiaverini is the second in the Elm Creek Quilters series. This came into the library at the perfect time. I was about half way through Great Expectations and in desperate need of a break!

The first book in the series focussed on Sarah and Sylvia. This book allows you to find out more about each of the quilters and their story.

The group decides to make a Round Robin quilt as a surprise for Sylvia to hang in the entrance hall of the manor. A Round Robin quilt is made by a group of quilters. Each quilter adds a border, passing it onto the next participant once they have finished, so they too can add to it. As each quilter in the story adds their border, they are also faced with a dilemma in their lives. As each issue is dealt with, the border comes to represent the struggle and the sewers family and friends who help them along the way.

While you could read this as a stand alone, you would miss out on some things - like why Andrew is so significant in Sylvia's life or why Sarah and her mother struggle to get along. The story is significantly different enough from the first that you don't end up feeling like you have already read the book and moves the characters along, adding dimensions and depth to those introduced in the first book. Once again, not a taxing read, but an enjoyable one. Looking forward to the next!