18 February, 2010

Bachelor Kisses

Bachelor Kisses by Nick Earls is the third book in the list of Nick Earls books I plan to read. Once again, a lot of fun.

Jon is a resident at a small, not significant hospital. He's had a couple of relationships with some nurses there - none that ended well. He is currently doing a psych rotation. Psych, by the way, is seen as the cushiest rotation. "Psych. Finishing by five-thirty p.m. almost every day. Saturday mornings off every week. There is no other term like that." And he thinks he may have worked out a better way to treat depression.

Bachelor Kisses follows Jon's journey through a relationship with another nurse and his continuing exploration of his depression theory. The whole time he is worried the theory is about to be shot down in flames - something he has mixed feelings about. Mind you, he has mixed feelings about the nurse as well!

This book is a fun, easy read. It doesn't answer any of life's great questions, but it doesn't pose any either. I'm enjoying my journey through Earls' backlist and look forward to the next book.

Oh, I did learn one thing from Bachelor Kisses - Nick Earls trained as a doctor! The layout of the hospital he uses is "not unlike that of a hospital where [he] did [his] residency" and he "was a co-researcher on a melatonin project not unlike that outlined in the novel'  And I was wondering if he actually knew what he was talking about as I read the book. Obviously he did!