21 December, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Day 7: 6 Blogs I discovered in 2010

Hey day 7 before I missed a post! That's pretty good for me. Just means you get double to joy today.

Carly over at Writing From the Tub, did 6 new authors for her day 7. I decided to do 6 new blogs.

 Eating YA Books 

This blog is written by Jan and I credit it with reinvigorating my love of YA books. I love the reviews, competitions - everything!

Look at my Happy Rainbow

In a former life I was a teacher. In fact, I love teaching, but moving states as proved a harder transition in terms of my career than I thought it would be. Mr H over at Look at my Happy Rainbow is that rare creature - the male kindergarten teacher. And he is fantastic at it - evident if by nothing else than the amount of hugs he gets. I would move to America if I could guarantee my child would have Mr H as her teacher!


Heather Armstrong is hilarious. She writes about everything - husband, kids, dogs, family, friends. Nothing is sacred. Be prepared for poop, farts, vomit, cooking, renovations, child melt downs, adult melt downs, post natal depression, joys of parenthood - everything!

Bedtime is for Suckers

My introduction to this blog was this post - Why I Think all Mommy Blogs are Bullshit - that was it, I was hooked! I read a fair few mummy blogs and I love them. But this one, is fantastic. Well worth a read for a laugh and those moments you know you aren't the one in control in your house!


Another kindergarten teacher who writes about her kids. (just so you know, teachers do call your kids their kids as well for a year. The good ones love and care for them almost as much as you do and we invest a lot in them for that year!) She also writes about her own kids Sassy and Bitchy and a boy whose nickname I can't remember!


In November 2004 Frank Warren invited 3000 people to share a secret and post it to him. The original 3000 were on post cards printed by Warren. After a few weeks, he stopped distributing the cards, but the secrets kept coming. Now every Sunday, Frank posts a selection of secrets on PostSecret. He also gives talks and presentations around America where the audience is invited to share secrets if they wish. Sometimes this site makes me cry, sometimes it makes me laugh. It always makes me think

Don't forget to pop over to Writing From the Thumb to check out Carly's 12 Days of Christmas. Keris Stainton at Della Says: OMG! has a version too! Check them out!