26 June, 2012

Library Book Month Wrap Up.


Oh my goodness, what a month! As you may or may not remember, back at this post, I set myself the challenge of reading all my library books by June 24 - and to not borrow any new books! So, how did I go? As I did the challenge, I crossed each book off on the original page, and the date I finished it. It ended up looking like this:

So yay! I did it...sort of...The idea was to not have to take any books with me when we boarded a plane on June 24. I ended up taking one - All My Dangerous Friends, so I came pretty close.

I am thankful that these books which I had on reqeust did not come in!

In fact Between the Lines and Peanuts are still on order, so am unlikely to see them for quite awhile. 

I enjoyed this challenge and was really proud of the fact that I managed to not borrow any more books during it, although I am looking forward to filling it up again when I get home! I can see this challenge becoming a bit of regular feature. I've had a few ideas for other challenges so keep your eye out for those. As for now, I have this to get through before my next book group meeting at the end of July:

 At a mere 1500 pages it may very well take me all month!