05 February, 2011

In the Winter Dark

Title: In the Winter Dark
Author: Tim Winton
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Audio book (library)

Synopsis: Four people living in an isolated rural community are drawn together as an unknown thing kills life stock with viciousness and brutality. Each of them holds secrets of their own and out here, things can happen and no one will ever know. As the four try to discover what it is that is doing the killing, secrets are held and fears are discovered.

What I thought: Once again I as totally entranced by Tim Winton. His ability to write from different view points is incredible. In the Winter Dark is most probably the first of his books I have walked away from not wondering if I missed something. Either I'm getting better at deciphering him, or Winton got less ambiguous! Again it's his language which thrills me. It flows so beautifully and portrays events in a way that you can imagine being there. I think In the Winter Dark would make a brilliant movie, it's characters have a depth and diversity which would play out very well on the big screen; the landscape is harsh, providing a fantastic backdrop and the story is pure thriller with an ending to shock all.

Recommended for: those who love Winton's work. In my mind, one of his best.

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