02 October, 2010

A Taste For It

A Taste For It by Monica McInerney

So I'm not a big fan of audio books. There is usually too much going on in my house to listen to them while I cook or clean and I can't just sit and listen - my mind wanders. Anyway, the audio book of this came through the returns chute at work (I'm telling you, working check in is dangerous!)and I thought I would have a go at listening to it in the car on the way to work after dropping the kids off and on the way back to pick them up.

I'm pleased to say I enjoyed it. I listened, wasn't distracted and often turned it off with disappointment when I got to the kids. My only problem is that instead of listening to the radio I was listening to this. I often listen to the ABC (public radio station in Australia) in the car and it's often my only source of news and current events. I did feel very out of touch while I listened to my book. I will get another one, but it will have to be something I'm willing to sacrifice my radio time for.

Now, onto the book review! McInerney writes chick lit. I don't mind chick lit. I quite often find it a light fluffy read without having to think. The thing I like about McInerney's books is that they are well written and I don't feel like I have read them all before. Yes, they are predictable - girl meets boy, girl and boy are attracted but something happens to stop them getting together, crisis happens, girl and boy end up together - but at times you need predictable! And she's Australian!