11 October, 2010

It's Monday! What are you reading?

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What I finished this week (click the links for my reviews)

PostSecret and The Secret Lives of Men and Women - Frank Warren

The Double Comfort Safari Club - Alexander McCall Smith

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

What I am reading now

The Book of Illusions - Paul Auster

From Goodreads:

Six months after losing his wife and two young sons in an airplane crash, Vermont professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in a blur of alcoholic grief and self-pity. Then, watching television one night, he stumbles upon a clip from a lost silent film by comedian Hector Mann. Zimmers interest is piqued, and he soon finds himself embarking on a journey around the world to research a book on this mysterious figure, who vanished from sight in 1929 and has been presumed dead for sixty years. When the book is published the following year, a letter turns up in Zimmers mailbox bearing a return address from a small town in New Mexico supposedly written by Hectors wife. Hector has read your book and would like to meet you. Are you interested in paying us a visit? Is the letter a hoax, or is Hector Mann still alive? Torn between doubt and belief, Zimmer hesitates, until one night a strange woman appears on his doorstep and makes the decision for him, changing his life forever.This stunning novel plunges the reader into a universe in which the comic and the tragic, the real and the imagined, the violent and the tender dissolve into one another. With The Book of Illusions, one of Americas most powerful and original writers has written his richest, most emotionally charged work yet.

What's next?
I'm working my way through my back log of library books. Book of Illusions needs to be read in time for book group, but I am finding I need to read a bit, then read something else.

So what are you reading? Leave me a link!