13 January, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I know nothing about this book except several people have told me it's great and I should read it.

Started: 12/1
Finished: 16/1

I found this unputdownable! Every time people saw me over the four days I was trying to get back to the book. 
I was a tad concerned when I started reading it that it would be full of religious angst - I can't remember why, but there was sentence at the beginning that had me worried. And while it is a story of one persons search for spirituality, it's not heavy on the religous stuff.
Elizabeth Gilbert spend a year living abroad, searching for balance and control in her life, She spent 4 months in Italy (eat), 4 months at an Ashram in India (pray) and 4 months in Bali (love). It was interesting to watch her change, reach her goals and change her life. It's not sugar coated, there were set backs and challenges. She is very frank about how these affected her and how she dealt with them, without denigrating others around her. 
I'd like to read this again when I'm not feeling so driven to get to the end. Slow down and savour it more. I have a feeling it's going to become one of those books I pick up, open to a page and just read a bit. I'm also going to get her next one called Committed.