08 January, 2014

100 Best Book List Challenge 2014

Through out the year you frequently see Best Book lists. Best books of all time, best books from Australia, best books of the 20th Century, books to read before you die. I always look at them and tally. I also look at them and think "I'd like to read that one, and that one, oh and that one." So this year I have issued myself (and anyone else who wants to join in) the 100 Best Book List Challenge. It's really easy. Pick any best 100 book list. You can use the one I'm using, or another. Give yourself a goal (anything from 1 book off the list to the whole list!), set up a page with a link to your list and to keep track and off you go!

My tracking page is here.

If you're looking for some ideas on lists to choose from, here's a few.

100 Books to Read Before You Die (this is the list I am using)

All-Time 100 Novels

Australia's Top 100 Favourite Home Grown Reads

100 Best Novels

101 Best Selling Books of All Time

Dymock's 101 Club 2013 list

To see how I'm structuring the challenge for myself, hop over to my tracking page.

Want to join in? Just leave a comment below with a link to your tracking page, or, if you don't have a blog, let me know which list you are using. Feel free to grab the button as well!

Happy reading!