23 December, 2013

In Which I am Crafty...

I'm an intermittent quilter. I will go guns blazing for weeks and then nothing. I'm finding it too hard (and just a little embarrassing given how long my sewing blog has been neglected!) to maintain two blogs so I've decided to blog any quilting stuff here. I am hoping in 2014 that I might also get into some Project Life stuff as a way of encouraging me to take more photos and record our lives.

As for now, this is what I wanted to show off.

Pinwheel Flowers - lots of them!
My sister had a friend who was pregnant, and Dale (my sister) asked if I would make a quilt for her - sure! I said. And then did nothing!

In the meantime, Dale found a pattern, we bought fabric, she sent me the pattern...and I did nothing...well not nothing, I made a doll's quilt for a swap and a quilt for my son's teacher, but nothing about the baby quilt. In the meantime, the baby was born and I had done nothing! So in between school ending and sorting Christmas stuff, I started the quilt. It calls for 18 different sized pinwheel flowers. I had fun making them! Today I knew I wanted them finished, ready to start putting the quilt together after Christmas. All I had to do was put the centres on and appliqué them...I don't needle turn appliqué! Luckily the pattern said if you didn't you could do it however you want...thank goodness! So out comes the Visoflex and the iron. Then I simply stitched them in place with my sewing machine.

I say simply, but I have never used my machine for anything but straight stitching visoflex stuff and I wanted something a bit fancier. I love discovering new things I can do with my machine!

Not bad for a first timer I feel! So now all the flowers are done and I am ready to construct the quilt - but after Christmas. For now there is a trampoline to assemble, presents to wrap and food to prepare. Dale is coming to visit for a week on Boxing Day so hopefully she can watch me put this little quilt together.

In the meantime, I also plan to blog a backlog of books and some other crafty stuff. However, if I don't manage that, I'm sure you won't be surprised!