15 December, 2013

Book Review: Kingdom of Silk Series

The Kingdom of Silk by Glenda Millard

Synopsis: The Kingdom of Silk is a wonderful, beautiful engaging series of books aimed at younger readers. The Silk family lead a life full of love, laughter and tender moments. They also face their own perils and problems, which they solve as a family, embracing the nature around them and the wider community.

What I thought: I had to write my own synopsis since I plan to review the series as a whole. The link under the picture will take you to the Goodreads entry for the first book, The Naming of Tishkin Silk.
There are 7 books in the series.

The Naming of Tishkin Silk
Layla, Queen of Hearts
Perry Angel's Suitcase
All the Colours of Paradise
Plum Puddings and Paper Moons
The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk
Nell's Festival of Crisp Winter Glories

I reviewed The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk as part of the Younger Readers category for The Children's Book Council Awards, 2013. This inspired me to purchase the series for my 8 year old daughter and read them.

The Kingdom of Silk series is written by Australian author Glenda Millard. I've always been a fan, and this series once again shows us her wonderful talent.

I read a review that said Glenda Millard knows how to write families and she does. In this she has written a gorgeous family that anyone would love to be part of. But they are still believable, they have foibles, worries and concerns. The way they choose to face these problems though give us all food for thought.
The series explores a variety of sensitive themes in a caring and compassionate manner. Millard covers grief, SIDS, acceptance of others, foster care, refugees, aging and health scares. She approaches all of these issues from a child's point of view, exploring the fear and trepidation involved. She also explores the importance of community during these times, as well as the value of celebration. While they sound like tough topics for kids books, Millard's handling of them is perfect, always leaving the reader with a feeling of security and love and the ability to face the toughest challenge as long as you have the support and love of family and friends.

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