03 November, 2015

October in Review

October?? Already gone??? Oh help!!!

On the reading front, not a bad month.

Stats first.

Kindle - 4                                Library - 3
Book - 3                                      Own - 4
Audio - 0                                     Borrowed (non library) - 0
Fiction - 5                       
Non-fiction - 2

Female Author - 2                        New to Me Authors - 5
Male Author - 6
Australian Author - 5

7 reads this month. Not bad and a great selection. Pick of the month is hard, but I think The Martian has to be it. If you have seen the movie and thought it was good, read the book - it's excellent. Brother of the More Famous Jack was our October book group read and Flesh Wounds is our November read. Both were really enjoyable and well worth discussing. Brother of the More Famous Jack surprised me - I enjoyed it but didn't think there was much to it until we started talking about it and I discovered there was quite a lot! Flesh Wounds should produce a great amount of discussion plus a game or two of "Who has the weirdest parents?"

No audio this month, although I am more than half way through Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last. Like last month I'm listening to a lot of podcasts, having added The Moth and The Guardian Books podcast to my subscriptions. I often find myself in the car laughing or crying as I listen to some amazing stories.

Looking forward

No hard copy book purchases this month - no book launches! Although given I have yet to open any of the purchases I mentioned last month, most probably not a bad thing!

Not many library borrowings either, but have added a couple to the list.

I'm continuing my love affair with Kate Forsyth, picking up her children's novel, The Puzzle Ring and Cracking the Code by Stephen and Sally Damini and Leah Kaminsky I picked up after hearing an interview with them on Richard Fidler's Conversation Hour. I'm going to concentrate on library books in November because while I do have a huge amount out, I can't just keep renew the ones I do!

As for the Kindle, I have purchased The Secret Chord by Geraldine BrooksFlesh Wounds by Richard Glover, and Little Red Chairs by Edna O'Brien. At least I know I have a choice in what I want to read!

Well that's October, looking into November. What was your month like?