29 December, 2014

Book Review: Soul Music

From Goodreads: Other children get given xylophones. Susan just had to ask her grandfather to take his vest off.
Yes. There's a Death in the family.
It's hard to grow up normally when Grandfather rides a white horse and wields a scythe – especially when you have to take over the family business, and everyone mistakes you for the Tooth Fairy.
And especially when you have to face the new and addictive music that has entered Discworld.
It's lawless. It changes people.
It's called Music With Rocks In.
It's got a beat and you can dance to it, but...
It's alive.
And it won't fade away.

Thoughts: We needed something to listen to on a recent 14 hour drive. It needed to be something that would engage hubby as he was the one driving, but also needed to be something I could listen to. The kids didn't matter - they were plugged into their own devices! Soul Music fit the bill perfectly.  Pratchett once again takes something you think you've got a pretty good handle on (Rock 'n' Roll) and turns in on it's head. The music puns flow thick and fast and you could end up in a competition to see who can "name that song" if you listen to it with someone else. Best of all you will laugh a bit, snigger a lot and just plain enjoy it.