26 June, 2013

Pride and Prejudice update

Remember the Pride and Prejudice challenge I set? Well it's going along swimmingly.

Car over at End'o the Road come up with a rather wonderful schedule to follow to make sure the book and Lizzie Bennett Diaries are read and viewed by the end. I've adopted it - no reason to do the hard work when it's already done for you! Thanks Car!

Car's wonderful schedule that I have adopted with love.

I'm up to date on the book, but behind on Lizzie Bennett...

I have also managed to watch the second production of Pride and Prejudice - the one done by the BBC.

I was worried at first - it's 5 hours long - but it was easy to watch and excellent. In fact, it was superior to the movie it just about every way. Jennifer Ehle was a far better Elizabeth, Colin Firth was the perfect Darcy and Julia Sawalha, I think, stole the show as Lydia. My only complaint about the whole thing Mrs Bennett played by Alison Steadman was too shrill, too over the top. I winced every time she spoke.

If you want a comprehensive dramatisation of the the story, take the time to watch the BBC production. It's divided into 6 episodes of about 50 minutes each, so doesn't need to be watched in one sitting. I know I'll be looking to the BBC for any other Jane Austin adaptations.