22 June, 2013

Bloggers Boogie - The Whitlams version

Little White Dove

Last night, my husband and I abandoned our children to a most competent baby sitter and trundled off into Brisbane to see The Whitlams live with a full symphony orchestra.

The Whitlams are a absolutely fantabulous Australian band fronted by Tim Freedman whose voice is gorgeous. 

It was, to say the least - spectacular. So today a selection of Whitlams songs they sang last night. As much as I can I'll try and post live versions with orchestra as well.

Blow up the Pokies with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Thank you live at the Metro in Sydney

You Sound Like Louis Burdett - most probably my favourite Whitlams song

Gough live at the Basement - Gough Whiltlam was Australia's 21st Prime Minister and the man the band is named for.

No Aphrodisiac with Sydney Symphony Orchestra - their first big hit.

I really wanted to put these next two songs in as well, but bloody blogger wouldn't find them for me, so you'll just have to click on the links!

Charlie No 1 with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra - this is truly beautiful - well worth the click.

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