15 June, 2013

Bloggers Boogie: Crushes

Little White Dove

So I realised my boogie last week was very heavily female based - there were some great 80's pop icons. However, the question remains, whose posters did I use to practice my first kisses? (Too much information? Too bad!)So today's Boogie is dedicated to my teenage crushes.

Richard Marx - Should've Known Better.

Boy could he rock a tight pair of jeans!

Gloria - Van Morrison

Pretty much the whole cast of The Outsiders, but especially Matt Dillon who played Dally - I always did love a bad boy. This was also one of my first experiences of a movie not being as good as the book. I love the book - in fact there are still whole passages I can quote.

Kenny Loggins - Footloose

Kevin Bacon in Footloose. That smile, those hips...sigh...

Patrick Swayze - She's Like the Wind.

 I love a good dance movie. As for Patrick Swayze - those arms, oh lord those arms!

Kenny Loggins - Dangerzone

Tom Cruise in Top Gun - before he married our Nicole, went all weird and dumped her!

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