17 August, 2010

Life is a bit hectic at the moment!

I got a job. A pretty good job actually. After two years of struggling with the Education Department in Queensland, I, on a whim, applied for a job as a library assistant at the library - and got it. Applied Thursday, interview Friday, started Tuesday (Monday was a public holiday.).  After not working for 2.5 years and not working full time for over 8, it has a been a bit of a shock. It's only full time until the end of August and then hopefully 4 days until the end of September. After that, who knows, hopefully they will extend me again.
In the meantime, bear with me as I adjust to this new schedule! (My google reader currently has 441 unread items!) I have however been featured over at The Readings of a Busy Mom! I'm very excited! Go check it out!