18 August, 2010

I Love My Job.

Seriously - I love my new job. An avid reader, in a library! Does it get any better. (Well, I have lost a lot of reading time, but apart from that!) Here is what I have bought home from my first week of work.

 These books I actually borrowed. In fact, the top four I took of the shelving trolley as I spent my first four days reshelving. (Yep, four days of nothing but reshelving! I now know the library forwards, backwards and inside out!) Personally I feel I was incredibly restrained!

Then today there was a trolley of young adult fiction that had be discontinued. Not sure why - may simply be multiple copies that are not moving much anymore. I love Maureen McCarthy so couldn't go part this pile of them. The top Meme McDonald looked interesting too. Again, I could have taken a lot more!

Finally there was a bunch of quilting magazines that were being taken out of circulation as well.

Now all I need to do is find some reading time!