11 February, 2014

TED Talks Tuesday.

Have you heard of TED Talks? They are brilliant. Covering a wide range of topics, they are usually no longer than about 20 minutes, although many of them are shorter. I often come across a TED talk I would like to share, so I thought I would start a meme -

Welcome to TED Talks Tuesday!

This week sees the beginning of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Many Olympians are inspirational. To celebrate and acknowledge these inspirational people, TED have put together 12 powerful talks from Olympians and Paraplympians. You can find them all here. I chose this talk by Janine Shepherd to share today. She was an Australian cross country skier until she was hit by a bike one day when out on a training ride. I remember the accident. This is her story of recovery and soaring to new heights.