03 February, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? Is a meme hosted by Shelia over at Book Journey. A weekly check in to see what you are currently reading and what is coming up. Head over to Shelia's blog to see what others are reading this week.

What Am I Reading Now?

With holidays over I've finally managed to get more than one book on the go! The school run gives me a chance to listen to a couple of audio books - one with the kids in the car and the other purely for me.

The Hostile Hospital - A Series of Unfortunate Events Book the Eighth - Lemony Snicket -  the kids and I have been working our way through these in the car. I didn't record any of the last year, but given I listen to them as well as the kids, I think I should!

The Turning - Tim Winton. This is my other audio for the car, continuing my love affair with Winton and his writing.

The Lost Stories - John Flanagan. Book 11 in The Ranger's Apprentice Series. The other day instead of putting my Kindle in my bag, I put my tablet in there - similar size, both have red covers and I was distracted. When I discovered my mistake I went to the library and borrowed this. My son currently has it because when he got to school this morning he realised he'd left his Kindle at home and he needed a book - aren't I a good mum?

My Brilliant Career - Miles Franklin. I'm reading this as part of my 100 Best Books List Challenge for the Australian category. I only started it this morning and am really enjoying it.

What I read last fortnight.

Missed last week, so will catch you up on my fortnight - a grand total of two books!

Shift - Hugh Howey -  this is the second book in the Silo series. Highly recommended for those who like dystopian fiction.

The Madding of Daniel O'Hooligan  - Peter Wear -  Hilarious! Very off beat. About your only chance of getting a copy of this is via Kindle, but it's well worth the $4.50.

So that's me. What have you been reading this week?