26 June, 2013

Pride and Prejudice update

Remember the Pride and Prejudice challenge I set? Well it's going along swimmingly.

Car over at End'o the Road come up with a rather wonderful schedule to follow to make sure the book and Lizzie Bennett Diaries are read and viewed by the end. I've adopted it - no reason to do the hard work when it's already done for you! Thanks Car!

Car's wonderful schedule that I have adopted with love.

I'm up to date on the book, but behind on Lizzie Bennett...

I have also managed to watch the second production of Pride and Prejudice - the one done by the BBC.

I was worried at first - it's 5 hours long - but it was easy to watch and excellent. In fact, it was superior to the movie it just about every way. Jennifer Ehle was a far better Elizabeth, Colin Firth was the perfect Darcy and Julia Sawalha, I think, stole the show as Lydia. My only complaint about the whole thing Mrs Bennett played by Alison Steadman was too shrill, too over the top. I winced every time she spoke.

If you want a comprehensive dramatisation of the the story, take the time to watch the BBC production. It's divided into 6 episodes of about 50 minutes each, so doesn't need to be watched in one sitting. I know I'll be looking to the BBC for any other Jane Austin adaptations.

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  1. I'm going to give the BBC mini series a try, even though Colin Firth isn't my favourite Darcy (who you are still to meet, slacker! Hurry up, man candy awaits!). I've heard it is much more faithful to the book. The Beeb is also doing a mini-series on Death Comes to Pemberley which I've just finished.