23 May, 2013

Oh the Shame...and a giveaway

As part of the 13 in '13 challenge I have taken on thanks to Miss Dove, I need to read a romance. I did offer up this option:

GoodReads link
And Miss Dove, bless her heart, actually said OK. But I could feel her disappointment seeping through the computer...it wasn't what could truly be called romance - not trashy enough. And in all honesty, it does feel kinda like cheating.

So today at work, I sullied my library card with these titles.

(I tried to do something fancy so they appeared in a 2x2 format, but my technical help is away fishing, so I'm not sleeping and I'm too tired to work it out!)

I took great pains to hide them from my colleagues, smuggling them out under the cover of these dvds (needed for another challenge)

Let's make it clear - I WILL NOT, under ANY circumstances be reading all four - the fact is I have never managed to get past the first 20 pages of any book like this. However, I am unable to make a choice of which of these to read. (notice all the authors come from the H shelf in the library? It was all about speed people!) So dear reader, help me - which of these should I read? To help you, here is the blurb for each of them.

The best man to be her baby's father?
Getting noticed by the gorgeous best man in every bridesmaid's dream. Especially if he's your old crush. Lucy McKenty knows she should be wary of Will Carruthers. All she wants is to finally settle down and have a family - and that's a far cry from this nomadic wanderer's life plan...
But Will is irresistibly charming, and Lucy finds herself in his arms. Discovering she is pregnant thrills her - but is Will going to stay to meet his baby...

 A millionaire who's determined not to fall in love. Patrick Farr is perfectly happy with his bachelor life, wining and dining beautiful young women. If only he could make them understand that marriage is definitely not on the agenda!
He decides there is only one way to prove that he will never marry for love - a marriage of convenience. His PA, Lousia Dennison, is cool and calm  under pressure. She's also a single mum, bring up two very demanding kids, So when Patrick proposes, what will her answer be? After all his offer could answer all her prayers...

A special bride for a special doctor. New consultant paediatrician Rhys Morgan is everything the hospital grapevine promised. He is also Katrina's boss, but she thinks she's safe from Rhys's charms. Until the discover a shared commitment to their little patients - and a heartfelt passion for each other.

Rhys has never believed in happy families, yet Katrina opens his eyes to what love and family really means - and her courage and vulnerability create a fierce desire to protect her. Enough, prehaps, to make Rhys risk his heart with the most special proposal of all...

King of the desert, father of her child...
With butterflies fluttering in her stomach, Lucy Banks has arrived in the desert kingdom on Biryal - with a secret!
Seeing Sheikh Khaled - the man who once loved and left her - at home in his sumptuous royal palace, Lucy is blown away by his barbaric magnificence. He's king of the desert, his eyes are blacker and harder than before, and he's no longer the man she once knew. She wants to run away from his overwhelming masculinity. But they're inextricably bound for ever...for he is the father of her son...

(really?? who writes this stuff!!)

Voting will close on Tuesday night (Brisbane time), so I can return the losers when I go back to work on Wednesday. And just to prove there are no hard feeling in subjecting me to this, there is a

All votes will receive an entry into a draw to win the book I originally nominated

GoodReads link

Sent to you, wherever you are in the world! (yep, it's international baby!) So cast your vote and make sure you leave contact details for me!

I'm now off to watch one those Pride and Prejudice dvd's in an attempt to cleanse my soul...