10 June, 2012

Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster

Author: Tim Winton
Genre: Fiction
Audience:Young Adult
Format: Book - Library

From Goodreads: Lockie's life is a disaster area. His new best friend is probably the oddest human being on planet Earth and, to round things off, he's fallen for a kid still in primary school who even surfs better than him. Can things get worse? This book is the sequel to "Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo".

What I thought: Another Tim Winton classic! This is the 2nd Lockie Leonard book and a good read, although maybe slightly dated. Lockie and him new mate Egg, set out to stop two companies in the fictitious  town on Angelus (which features in other Winton books) polluting the harbour. Of course, being only 14 makes it a bit harder.
First released in 1993, Scumbuster, I think, shows how far we have come with environmental issues. Today it would be unthinkable for a company to dump it's waste into the ocean, or a community to NOT be upset by it, or a government to not take steps to end it! 
Long time readers of Winton will also recognise a cameo appearance by Queenie, the whaling activist in one of Winton's earlier adult novels - Shallows - which was also set in Angelus.

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