25 August, 2011


Title: Then
Author: Morris Gleitzman
Genre: Fiction
Series: Once trilogy
Audience: Young Adult
Format: Book – Library

Synopsis: Then Felix and Zelda managed to escape from the train going to the death camps and were on the run from the Nazi's again. Then they met a lovely lady called Genia who takes them in and shelters them. But what will happen to the three of them if they are caught out? Should they stay or leave to face the danger by themselves once again?
What I thought: When I first found out there was a sequel to Once, I wondered how long could you really expect two children to survive alone in Nazi occupied Poland? By placing Felix and Zelda in Genia's care, Gleitzman not only kept the premise of the book believable, but opened the door to exploring another aspect of this horrific time - those who risked their own lives to shelter Jews. The end of Then is shocking - a part of you always expects a book aimed at children to end well - and this doesn't. Gleitzman once again leaves the door open a little, leaving the reader wondering who, if anyone, will survive.
Recommended for: people who liked The Boy in Striped Pyjamas and Once

Challenges: 100+ Challenge, The Aussie YA Challenge,  For the Love of YA Challenge