25 August, 2011


Title: Now
Author: Morris Gleitzman
Genre: Fiction
Series: Once trilogy
Audience: Young Adult
Format: Book – Library

Synopsis: Now Felix is an old man and his grand-daughter, Zelda, is living wiht him while her parents are away. Zelda knows a bit about her grandfather's past and knows she is named fo ra friend he use to know. But it's hard living up to the name Zelda - can she be as brave as her namesake?

What I thought: This is a great conclusion to the series. By bringing the characters into the present,  Gleitzman allows the reader a glimpse into the long term effects of World War 2. You can see so much of Felix in his grand daughter, but her struggles are different. Her heart however, is the same. The relationship between them is beautiful and emphasises the importance of family - the true message of this book. Like Felix, Zelda is wise beyond her years and braver than she thinks. A fantastic end to a wonderful series
Recommended for: people who liked The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

Challenges: 100+ Challenge, The Aussie YA Challenge,  For the Love of YA Challenge