20 September, 2011

The Thompson Gunner

Title: The Thompson Gunner
Author: Nick Earls
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Book – Library

Synopsis: Meg is a successful Australian stand up comedian. However, things from her childhood in Northern Ireland are starting to surface and while on the surface she looks like she is still in control, the reality is things beyond her control are making her ask questions she's avoided for years. But eventually the past need to be faced. The question is, will it save her, or break her completely?

What I thought: I struggled to get inot this, but by the end I was engrossed. This is different from most of Earls stuff to date. Darker, a more serious topic and he pulled it off with class. I didn't pick the end. It was obvious something had happened in Northern Ireland, but I didn't think it was that!
The story jumps between times and places but it's easy to follow - especially the bits in Northern Ireland during Meg's childhood. The other two settings are only weeks apart but were easily distinguished by the weather! Canada in winter and Perth in summer. Once again, Earls characters are easy to identify with and like. They have their flaws, making them believable and likeable.

Recommended for: people who have enjoy other works of Nick Earls

Challenges: 100+ Challenge