24 September, 2011

The Echo

Title: The Echo
Author: Minette Walters
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Book – Library

Synopsis: Billy Blake, a homeless vagrant, turns up dead from starvation in Amanda Powell's garage. For reasons unknown to anyone, she pays for his fuenral. Michael Deacon, a hardened journalist, decides to look into why a wealthy single woman would pay for the funeral of a homeless man. Why is Amanda Powell so interested in finding out who Billy Blake really was?

What I thought:   enjoyed this as I do most Minette Walters books. Once again, her story line is fresh and not simply a rehash of something written before. I did find myself getting a little lost though with all the characters and their connections to each other. In the end, all questions are answered, but the tangled web weaved to create the story left me feeling that I might have missed something.

Recommended for: lovers of quality crime fiction and Minette Walters fans.

Challenges: 100+ Challenge,