25 September, 2011

Jane Eyre

Title: Jane Eyre
Author: Charlotte Bronte
Genre: Classic Fiction
Audience: Adult
Format: Personal collection

Synopsis: Jane Eyre, an orphan leaves her school to become a governess at Thornfield Hall. There she meets and falls in love with her master, Mr Rochester. But he holds a terrible secret that threatens not only his happiness, but Jane's as well.

What I thought:   A friend and I went and saw this at the movies the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. As with most of the classics, I am only inspired to read them after some other catalyst pushes me into in. Mr Pip encouraged me to read Great Expectations, I Am the Messenger encouraged me to read Wuthering Heights. Often, when I do read them, I'm not impressed, I find the language so difficult it hampers the enjoyment of the story. While I would be in no hurry to read this again, I did enjoy it. I'm not sure whether having seen the film I was more able to follow the story or whether I'm simply maturing as a reader! Either way, it was no where near the struggle I often find with the classics. I was able to pick out the bits the film had changed or omitted as well as get a great understanding of the main events in the book. I have had a mind to read all of Jane Austen's works, given they are referred to so frequently and once again, inspired by a book I have already read - Jane Austen Ruined my Life. I'm now thinking it would be worth my while to watch them first, it may ease the pain!

Recommended for: lovers of the classics.

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