12 August, 2011

Black Foxes

Title: Black Foxes
Author: Sonya Hartnett
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Young Adult
Format: Book – Library

Synopsis: Tyrone Sully is young, rich and orphaned. Bored with staying around his estate, Wilde Hyde, he sets off with his best friend and companion, Oscar and his cousin Silke on a trip that will influence the rest of their lives.

What I thought: In this book, Hartnett moves away from the modern world and back into early 19th Century England and to tell you the truth, it didn’t work for me to start with. The book jumped from event to event, at times with what appeared to be no real connection. Of course, in the end, everything was tied together and it all made sense. It was worth persevering with the book, but the length (over 400 pages) and the seemingly directionless plot could make a less dedicated reader give up early. In typical Hartnett style, the ending could leave the reader feeling unfulfilled and not sure what the purpose of the book was. For me, this was not one of Hartnett’s best.

Recommended for: Hartnett fans

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