08 August, 2011

The Outsiders

Title: The Outsiders
Author: S.E. Hinton
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Young Adult
Format: Personal Collection

Synopsis: Set in the late 60’s, The Outsiders tells the story of the greasers and the socs. The greasers are wild, from the wrong side of the tracks, often painted as JD’s, hoods and criminals. The socs are the rich kids, the ones who want for nothing. Ponyboy is 14 and a greaser. But he a greaser who sees a way out.  One night however, his best friend Johnny kills a soc and the events that follow will not only have a lasting effect on Ponyboy and the gang he hangs out with, but on the socs involved too.

What I thought: When I was 16 and in year 9, this was my favourite book. A friend and I use to spend large amounts of time quoting passages to each other. I loved it. When I was shelf checking at work the other day, I came across a copy and read half of it during my lunch break. Once home, I immersed myself again until I was finished. I still love it. It still speaks deeply to me and I still cried in all the places I use to. Hinton was 16 when she wrote this and it is a testament to her writing skill that not only is it still used as a text in secondary schools, but it was being published as recently as 2007. (It was originally published in 1967) For me, the story will always hold a place in my heart and I am glad that upon rereading for the first time in most probably 20 years, none of the shine has gone. Stay gold.

Recommended for: everyone and anyone!

Challenges: 100+ Challenge, For the love of YA Challenge, TwentyEleven Challenge