08 August, 2011

Children's Book Council Book of the Year Awards

The Children's Book Council Book of the Year Awards are almost here! The winners in each of the 5 categories will be announced on 19 August. In the meantime, I have reviewed each of the 6 short listed books in 4 of the categories. I didn't review the Eve Pownell awards, which is the non fiction category.
The four categories I have reviewed are:

Older Readers - books for mature readers

Younger Readers - books for independent younger readers

Early Childhood - books for children in the pre-reading to early reading stages

Picture Books - books for children from birth to 18 in a picture book format.

I have already posted my reviews and who I think the winners should be for the older readers category. Click on the link above to access this. Over the next three days, I will post my reviews of the other categories and then do a final post on who I think should win in each category. Then on August 19, we will see if I can read the judges minds!