05 July, 2011

Wilful Blue

Author: Sonya Harnett
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Young Adult 
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis: Walt, Guy and Jesse are three artists chosen to create works for a new artists retreat. Guy and Jesse work together on a huge canvas, forging a friendship based in paint. But when Guy dies, Jesse wonders if he really knew Guy at all and then Guy's sister appears, wanting to know what happened in those last 5 weeks. What should Walt and Jesse tell her, what is the truth about Guy's death.

What I thought:Over and over again I find Hartnett's strength in the characters she creates. I find myself believing I could go have a beer with these people, talk, reminisce about events that have never really happened. In Wilful Blue I found the start of the type of flow I've read in other Hartnett books. Her development as a writer is clear and it's tighter, more polished than earlier works. Wilful Blue is classed as a YA read although I'm not so sure. It would be just as at home on the adult fiction shelves. 

Recommended for: Hartnett lovers.

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