10 July, 2011

The Dark Room

Author: Minette Walters
Genre: Crime Fiction
Audience: Adult 
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis: Jinx Kinglsey wakes in hospital after what appears to be a suicide attempt. The problem is she can't remember the last two weeks and her best friend and fiance have been killed in circumstances similar to her husband's death 10 years earlier. The question is who killed them - her millionaire domineering father, one of her half brothers or possibly Jinx herself.

What I thought: Walters is my current go to author when I want a good thriller/ murder mystery to read and this one fit the bill perfectly. Once again I was not able to pick the killer, although I did pick it wasn't one of the obvious suspects. But even then, in the end you are left with questions unanswered and mysteries left up in the air. I like the fact that Walters had intelligent police and characters. Too often in these books I find the police  especially be either bumbling idiots or major chips on their shoulder types who get very boring very quickly. It is nice to come across police characters who seem to have a brain and use them!

Recommended for: fans of quality crime fiction

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