04 July, 2011

An Artist of The Floating World

Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
Genre: Fiction 
Audience: Adult 
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis:Mazuji Ono, a Japanese artist looks back on his life before the war and it's effects on his life now in retirement. As  Japan moves forward and rebuilds, Ono reflects on his role as a propagandist artist and the rights and wrongs of those decisions.

What I thought: Ishiguro is a beautiful writer. His words just flow off the page. In this, I feel the calm and serenity of an old man's life as he pottered in his garden and reflected on life. A real sense of the old giving way to the new was also present and the quiet resignation of one who can do nothing to change it. I always feel when I read Ishiguro's work that there is more to it than I am getting, but that doesn't stop me enjoying his work! Ono came across to me as possibly thinking he had more influence with people than he actually did. In the old Japan he may very well have, but I think his influence was diminishing and although he accepted this on some level, he still thought it was more than it was.

Recommended for: Ishiguro lovers. Beautifully written.

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