31 May, 2011

How To Ditch Your Fairy

Author: Justine Larbalestier
Genre: Fiction 
Audience: Young Adult 
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis: In New Avalon, people have personal fairies that help with some aspect of their lives. There’s shopping fairies which mean you always find a bargain, loose change fairies, good hair fairies and then there is Charlie’s fairy – a parking fairy. This means whenever Charlie is in the car, the perfect parking spot will appear. Charlie hates her fairy – she doesn’t drive and it makes her a target for people like Dander Anders who always want her to drive places with him. She will do anything to get rid of it, but how do you ditch your fairy?

What I thought: I picked this up because I’d really enjoyed Larbalestier’s other books, Liar and Magic orMadness. I found this a lot harder to get into and if it had been the first of her books I’d read, I’m not sure I would have chased up her other books. It picked up towards the end, but really didn’t grab me at all.

Recommended for: those who like Larbalestier and want to read all of her stuff.