19 April, 2011

Making Laws for Clouds

Title: Making Laws for Clouds
Author: Nick Earls
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Young Adult
Format: Book - Library

Synopsis: Kane is 18 and just trying to make his way in life. His family is not traditional and Kane is working hard to support his mum and younger brother. And Tannika, well she has potential to make it a brilliant summer, but life is never that easy. Can it still be the best summer of Kane's life?

What I thought: I enjoyed this. Earls is so good at taking everyday characters and lettng you see what makes them special. In so many ways Kane is a normal 18 year old , but his family makes it hard for him to be totally normal. A mother who drinks and often seems to struggle to cope, and a younger brother who can be cared of his own shadow means Kane has to be the one whose responsible - and he does it brilliantly. His relationship with Tannika isn't smooth sailing, but it's not tortured and overdrawn. All in all, another quality Earls work.

Recommended for: those who like a bit of angst in their YA, but not have it dripping with it!
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