04 September, 2015

August in Review

Slooooooowwwwwwwwww reading month. Don't know what happened, but I've really struggled to find anything that inspired me this month. I finally seemed to snap out of it about a week ago so have finished the month with only 5 reads. Hoping for a better September.

Stats for August.

Kindle - 0                                   Library - 3
Book - 3                                      Own - 2
Audio - 2                                     Borrowed (non library) - 0
Fiction - 5                           
Non-fiction - 0

Female Author - 2                        New to Me Authors - 3
Male Author - 3
Australian Author - 0

Yep, there it is folks - 5 books. However, what the month lacked in quantity it made for in quality. I'd be hard pressed to pick a best for the month. I loved The Universe Versus Alex Woods and also really enjoyed Inside the O'Briens. Both would make great book group reads. I'm still really enjoying the Sandman Series and anything Minette Walters is good. 

None of the books listed are book group reads! I finally picked up Coin Locker Babies again on Monday this week. It was our July book and I stopped at about 30% as I wasn't enjoying it and I wasn't going to make it to the meeting. If I'd only preserved for another 5 pages! While I won't say I am totally enthralled by it, I am getting something out of it. Our August book is another non finish - The Swan Book. I have started but am struggling to make head or tail of it. I will go back to it after the September book, Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children. With the last couple of meetings being fairly sparse as various members had trouble getting to them (I didn't make July or August), we have settled on an extended lunch meeting for September to discuss all three.

Audio was my saviour this month with both The Universe Versus Alex Woods and Inside the O'Briens purchased through Audible. The narrators of both books were excellent and if you are an audio person I highly recommend both books for your listening pleasure. The third Skullduggery Pleasant, The Faceless Ones, is my current audio.

So how was your August? Better than mine I hope! Oh well, with September comes warmer weather so hopefully that will help!